Gatis Didrihsons, architect

“A connection to external space, a proximity to nature and the invitation to enjoy it reflect this project’s special story. With spacious balconies, outdoor areas for walks and sporting activities – here, everyone can be the director of their life story!”

Gatis Didrihsons, architect

Latvian Architecture Award 2021 finalist

Lindenholma Residential Quarter

Lindenholma is a new part of the city that continues to grow by providing a comfortable environment for life, work and leisure, with an advanced infrastructure for residents, office workers, neighbours and guests.


Quality architecture

Quality architecture

6 residential buildings of different types, 3 and 5 storeys high, an attractive array of facade decoration, 24 distinct functional apartment layouts with no wasted space, courtyards sheltered from the street, accessible environment, windows facing both sides of a building.

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In Lindenholma, everything is within reach. Karla Ulmana gatve connects the quarter to central Riga, Jurmala and the international airport. All the essential conveniences are even closer, right here in Marupe and the Pardaugava region of Riga: international schools, kindergartens, modern clinics, fitness studios, large supermarkets and service hotspots.

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Everything’s ready for living

Everything’s ready for living

Each apartment and the quarter as a whole are fully ready to welcome new residents. Apartments come fully finished, with high-quality bathroom fixtures, access to a common laundry room and individual storage spaces. Landscaping of the surrounding area has been likewise fully completed.

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A courtyard that feels like a park

A courtyard that feels like a park

Lindenholma’s green courtyards are home to 102 mature large trees between 20 and 25 years old, as well as thousands of bushes, decorative plants and evergreens that recreate the inviting ambiance of a park. The landscape is designed to bloom anew with every season.

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Standard of quality

Standard of quality

According to the Vastint standard, both the finishing materials and the solutions hidden from view have been selected from specially created test apartments, after comparing the advantages of different options. This ensures quality that can stand the test of time and which offers convenience and low maintenance costs, often far surpassing the national quality requirements.

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