A home where everything is within reach

6 schools,

40 kindergartens,

2 private clinics,

4 shopping centres,

20 restaurants and

cafés, 3 gyms and

fitness centres,

2 ice rinks,

an international airport.

A home where everything is within reach

Meeting of values

Centuries ago, the Lindenruh Manor proudly stood here near the southern border of Riga, sheltered by linden trees (Lindenruh: German for “linden peace”). The park was a favourite promenade destination for many Rigans longing to restore their inner peace through the special energy of the linden trees. Just like the century-old lindens, many generations of people have taken root here, choosing life in a place where the everyday rush can be left at the door, while all the essentials remain within easy reach. Lindenholma too has come here to stay, turning a new leaf in the history of this place.


Schools and kindergartens

Schools and kindergartens

Access to a good education is an important advantage this area provides. From pre-school facilities adored by children, to prestigious international schools, to institutions of higher education that attract students from Western Europe – the residents of Lindenholma get to choose from the best Riga has to offer.

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Leisure and sports

Leisure and sports

The quarter itself and the nearby area provide outdoor training equipment, basketball and volleyball courts, a ping pong table and other opportunities for active recreation. A couple minutes of driving is all it takes to go to a tennis club, ice rink, indoor beach sports centre or one of several nearby gyms.

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The nearest shopping malls provide everything you need for a comfortable and elegant lifestyle. Spice and Spice Home are always on the way, housing acclaimed brands and offering many high-quality services.

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In the 19th century, Lindenholma was a place where Rigans would go for a walk to find inner peace. These days, access to nature has become a rare value, but the residents of Lindenholma have the luxury of the quarter’s own green outdoors along with convenient access to the nearby Marupe un Babite forests and to the Jurmala seaside resort.

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Restaurants and cafés

Restaurants and cafés

A dinner for two. A Sunday brunch for the entire family. A quick healthy weekday business lunch. A cup of coffee with an old friend. There are many great places to share a good meal with good company in the surroundings of Lindenholma.

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